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Fundamentals of Crew Leadership – Module ID 46101-11

  • Fundamentals of Crew Leadership (Module 46101)
    • When a crew is assembled to complete a job, one person is appointed the leader. Different companies give this role different titles, such as crew leader, frontline supervisor, lead person, or foreman. In this module, this role is called the crew leader or frontline leader. A crew leader or frontline leader is often an experienced craft professional who has demonstrated leadership qualities. As a frontline leader, you must be able to communicate effectively, provide direction to your crew, plan and schedule work, manage costs, and ensure the jobsite is safe for everyone. Whether you are already a frontline leader or want to become one, this module will help you learn more about the requirements and skills needed to succeed.

Project Management, Updated: 2019, 3rd Edition

Project Supervision, Published: 2001

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