Field Safety, Revised: 2013, 2nd Edition

  • Introduction to Safety – Module ID 75101-13
  • Confined Spaces and Excavations – Module ID 75120-13
  • Work-Zone Safety – Module ID 75104-13
  • Electrical Safety – Module ID 75121-13
  • Working from Elevations – Module ID 75122-13
  • Steel Eredtion – Module ID 75123-13
  • Heavy Equipment, Forklift, and Crane Safety – 75123-13
  • Concrete and Masonry – Module ID 75119-13
  • Introduction to Materials Handling – Module ID 75124-13

The Safety Learning Series consists of three separate titles comprising a suggested education path: the Basic Safety module from Core, Field Safety and Safety Technogy. The corriculum was built on industry best practices by a team of safety professinals and meets the training needs of the raft professional, safety technician, and safety manager.

The modularized structure of the curriculum enables companies to cost-effectively customize training programs and offer industry credentials through the NCCER Regfistry system. the safety Learning Series has been recognized by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP)l Competion of the Safeth Learning series will help personnel prepare for the Safety trained Supervisor Constructuon (STSC) and Construction technical competency criteria for safety health, and enviornmentnal practitioners workwide.

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