Safety – Module ID 44102

Safety – Module ID 44102



As a management tool, a safety and loss prevention program has two purposes:

  • To provide project managers with a basic understanding as to how a company’s safety performance affects the profit and loss and its ability to remain competitive in the future.
  • To serve as a guide and resource for project managers in carrying out their duties with respect to safety and loss prevention.

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Learning Objective 1 – Successful completion of this module prepares trainees to: Explain the importance of an effective safety program.

  • Describe the duties and responsibilities of a project manager with respect to safety and loss prevention.
  • Identify the direct and indirect costs of incidents. c.Identify potential areas for loss.

Learning Objective 2 – Successful completion of this module prepares trainees to: Define job site safety regulations and requirements.

  • Describe OSHA’s inspection and penalty requirements.
  • Explain how to plan and implement a safety program.
  • Identify the elements of a safety program.
  • Describe employee involvement in safety programs.
  • Describe emergency reporting and response requirements.

Performance Tasks

  • Develop an outline for a job site safety program.

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