Introduction to Safety Technology – Module ID 75201

Introduction to Safety Technology – Module ID 75201


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Learning Objective 1 – Identify the roles and responsibilities of a safety technician

  • Descrtibe the responsibilities of a safety technician
  • Define important safety terms

Learning Objective 2 – Identify incident causes and costs

  • Identify the causes of and costs.
  • Identify the cost of incffectively with all employees on idents.

Learning Objective 3 – Identify the basic comnponents of a safety program.

  • Identify essential safety program policies and procedures.
  • Identify effective means and practices for providing safety orientation and training

Learning Objective 4 – Identify regulatory requirements with which construction industry safety technicians need to be familiar.

  • Identify Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements
  • Identify Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements.
  • Identify Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements.
  • Identify other relevant health and safety requirements.

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