Introduction to Plumbing Drawings – Module ID 02105

Introduction to Plumbing Drawings – Module ID 02105


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Learning Objective 1 Understand how to read drawings.

  • Identify the elements of a drawing set.
  • Identify components of a drawing.
  • Explain how to scale and dimension a drawing.
  • Identify symbols used in construction drawings.
  • Explain the role of construction documents in plumbing.

Learning Objective 2 Identify the different types of drawings used to install plumbing systems.

  • Identify the types of pictorial drawings used by plumbers.
  • Identify schematic diagrams.
  • Describe the purpose of orthographic drawings.
  • Identify plumbing-specific drawings, including submittals, fixture drawings, exploded views, and cutaways.

Performance Tasks

Performance Task 1 (Learning Objective 2) 1. Sketch orthographic and isometric drawings

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