Introduction to Plumbing Math – Module ID 02104

Introduction to Plumbing Math – Module ID 02104


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Learning Objective 1 Perform basic mathematical calculations.

  • Demonstrate mathematical operations using whole numbers.
  • Demonstrate mathematical operations using fractions.
  • Demonstrate mathematical operations using decimals.
  • Demonstrate mathematical conversions.
  • Describe the metric system.
  • Demonstrate the use of squares and square roots.

Learning Objective 2 Explain how pipe is measured.

  • Identify the parts of a fitting and related dimensions.
  • Calculate pipe lengths.

Performance Tasks

Performance Task 1 (Learning Objective 2) 1. Measure pipe using the following methods:

  • End to end
  • End to center
  • Center to center
  • End to face
  • Face to face
  • Face to throat

Performance Task 2 (Learning Objective 2) 2. Determine end-to-end dimensions by calculating fitting allowances and makeup.


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