Installing Fixtures and Valves – Module ID 02208

Installing Fixtures and Valves – Module ID 02208


Module Eight (02208-13) provides instruction on how to install basic plumbing fixtures, including bathtubs, shower stalls, lavatories, sinks, water closets, and urinals; reviews the installation of associated valves, faucets, and components; and discusses how to connect appliances such as dishwashers, food-waste disposers, refrigerators and ice makers, and washing machines.

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Learning objective 1 – Identify the pre-installation techniques to follow when installing fixtures and valves.

  • Identify ADA requirements for installing fi xtures.

Learning objective 2 • Install fixtures and valves at rough-in.

  • Install bathtubs.
  • Install shower stalls.
  • Install valves.
  • Install carriers.

Learning objective 3 – Install fixtures and valves at trim-out.

  • Install water closets.
  • Install urinals.
  • Install lavatories.
  • Install sinks.
  • Test and protect fixtures.

Learning objective 4 – Identify connection procedures for various appliances.

  • Connect a dishwasher.
  • Connect a garbage disposal.
  • Connect a refrigerator and ice maker.
  • Connect a washing machine.

Performance Tasks

Performance task 1 (Learning objective 3) – Test and protect a bathtub, a lavatory, and a water closet.

Performance task 2 (Learning objective 3) – Trim-out a bathtub, a lavatory, and a water closet.

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