Installing and Testing Water Supply Piping – Module ID 02206

Installing and Testing Water Supply Piping – Module ID 02206


Module Six (02206-13) provides trainees with the proper techniques for locating, installing, and testing complete water service and distribution systems, including meters, water heaters, water softeners, and hose bibbs. The module also introduces basic backflow prevention and water hammer prevention, and discusses the installation of shower and tub valves, ice maker and washing machine boxes, and pipe stubouts and supports.

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Learning objective 1 – Evaluate the domestic water distribution system using plans and fixture rough-in sheets.

  • Determine the location of fixtures.
  • Identify the size of the pipe to be installed.
  • Determine the route of the water supply piping.
  • Determine the location the water heater, water softener, and hose bibbs.

Learning objective 2 – Install water service and a water distribution system.

  • Install water service and rough-ins.
  • Install proper water hammer protection.
  • Install shower and tub valves.
  • Install ice maker and washing machine boxes.
  • Install puncture protection and in-wall supports.

Learning objective 3 – Test a water supply system.

  • Perform an air test.
  • Perform a hydrostatic test.

Performance Tasks

Performance task 1 (Learning objective 2) • Correctly size and install a water service line including backflow preventer.

Performance task 2 (Learning objective 2) • Locate a water meter.

Performance task 3 (Learning objective 1) • Develop a water supply piping material takeoff from a given set of plans.

Performance task 4 (Learning objective 1) Using instructor-provided plans and fixture rough-in sheets, determine the location of fixtures and the route of the water supply piping.

Performance task 5 (Learning objective 4) Test a water supply system.

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