Concrete Repair – Module ID 23210

Concrete Repair – Module ID 23210


Module ID 23210 – Provides an overview of the concrete repair process, focusing on repairing concrete with concrete. Explains how hidden concrete faults and embedments are located and how to properly prepare reinforced concrete for placement of the repair material. Coverage of pre-placement and post-placements inspections is also provided.

Points awarded on Cource Completion – 20

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This module introduces the concepts and tasks related to the repair of concrete structures. Although there are many techniques and materials that can be used to make a repair, this module will focus on repairing concrete with concrete. It is important to understand how to identify the source of concrete damage. Some problems are hidden, where they remain concealed until they affect the surface or, worse, contribute to a structural failure. The topic of concrete repair is far deeper than many craftworkers realize, and it cannot be covered in detail in a single module. However, this module will present the fundamental concepts of concrete repair and provide basic guidance in executing repairs.

Learning Objective 1 – Successful completion of this module prepares trainees to: Identify and describe sources of concrete damage and how to identify damaged and deteriorated concrete.

  1. Identify common PPE and safety hazards relevant to working with cement and concrete.
  2. Identify common causes of concrete damage and failure.
  3. Describe methods used to identify and locate hidden damage and deterioration.

Learning Objective 2 – Successful completion of this module prepares trainees to: Describe the requirements for a successful concrete repair and how to achieve reliable results.

  1. Explain how to remove concrete and prepare the surface for repair.
  2. Explain how to clean steel reinforcement and evaluate apparent damage.
  3. Explain how damaged reinforcement can be repaired.
  4. Identify and describe common approaches to concrete placement for repairs.
  5. Describe pre- and post-placement repair inspections.

Performance Tasks

  1. Identify a delaminated area and remove the concrete necessary to fully expose the damage.
  2. Prepare a removed area of reinforced concrete for repair and identify the resulting concrete surface profile.
  3. Mix, place, and cure a concrete repair.


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