Tilt-Up Wall Systems – Module ID 27310

Tilt-Up Wall Systems – Module ID 27310


Module ID 27310 – Describes how tilt-up concrete construction is used and how tilt-up panels are formed, erected, and braced. Covers the installation of rebar and types of embedments used to lift and brace the panels. Also covers methods used to create architectural and decorative treatments.

Points awarded on course completion – 17.5

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Learning Objective 1 • Describe the tilt-up wall-forming process.

  • Explain how to prepare the casting bed.
  • Identify the different methods of forming tilt-up wall panels.
  • Discuss how architectural treatments are added to wall panels.
  • Explain the purpose of reinforcement in wall panels.
  • Discuss how inserts and embedments are placed in tilt-up wall panels.
  • Discuss the placement and finishing of concrete for tilt-up wall panels.

Learning Objective 2 • Explain the proper procedure for erecting and bracing tilt-up wall panels.

  • List safety considerations when erecting tilt-up wall panels.
  • Describe the procedures for erecting and bracing tilt-up wall panels.

Performance Tasks

Performance Task 1 (Learning Objective 2) • Form a tilt-up panel in accordance with a drawing provided by the instructor.

Performance Task 2 (Learning Objective 2) • Install inserts, reinforcement, and architectural features.


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