Curing and Protecting Concrete – Module ID 23108

Curing and Protecting Concrete – Module ID 23108


Module ID 23108 – Describes the essential concrete curing and protection process. Introduces various approaches to curing and the primary factors that significantly affect the resulting strength and durability of the placement.

Points awarded on course completion – 10

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Regardless of how much care is taken to construct forms, place concrete, and finish it to the required specification, a good result depends on a properly executed curing process. In a perfect world, curing would only take place on days when the temperature and all other conditions favor the best possible cure. Unfortunately, that is not practical. As a result, the curing process for every placement must be tuned to the current weather conditions and the specifications. This module describes the curing process and identifies various approaches used to control the process when the conditions are less than ideal.


Learning Objective 1 – Successful completion of this module prepares trainees to: Describe the concrete curing process and the methods used to ensure success.

  • Describe the concrete curing process and the primary factors in its progress.
  • Describe various approaches to curing concrete. c.Identify methods used to protect concrete during the curing process.

Performance Tasks

  • Apply a curing compound to a slab using a systematic pattern.
  • Cover a slab with curing coverings, sealed and wrinkle free.


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