Horizontal Formwork – Module ID 27309

Horizontal Formwork – Module ID 27309


Module ID 27309 – Describes elevated decks and formwork systems and methods used in their construction. Covers joist, pan, beam and slab, flat slab, composite slab, and specialty form systems and provides instructions for the use of flying decks, as well as shoring and reshoring systems.

Points awarded on Course Completion – 15

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Learning Objective 1 • Identify safety hazards associated with elevated deck formwork.

Learning Objective 2 • Identify the various types of structural-concrete floor and roof slabs.

  • Describe how one-way solid slabs are constructed.
  • Describe how two-way flat slabs are constructed.
  • Explain the difference between two-way flat plate slabs and two-way flat slabs.
  • Describe how one-way joist slabs are constructed.
  • Describe how two-way joist slabs are constructed.
  • Describe how composite slabs are constructed.
  • Describe how posttensioned concrete slabs are constructed.

Learning Objective 3 • Describe the different types of form systems.

  • Describe applications for pan forms.
  • Describe applications for I-joist pan forms.
  • Describe applications for one- and two-way beam and slab forms.
  • Describe applications for flat-slab or flat-plate forms.
  • Describe applications for composite-slab deck forms.

Learning Objective 4 • Identify types of elevated decks.

  • List the materials used for deck surfaces.
  • Explain the use of hand-set multicomponent decks.
  • Describe applications for hand-set panelized decks.
  • Explain the use of outriggers. e. Describe applications for flying decks.

Learning Objective 5 • Identify the different types of shores and describe applications for each.

  • Explain how adjustable wood shores are installed.
  • Explain how manufactured shores are installed.

Learning Objective 6 • Identify specialty form systems.

  • Explain how bridge decks are formed.
  • Explain how tunnels and culverts are formed.

Performance Tasks

Performance Task 1 (Learning Objective 4) • Erect, plumb, brace, and level a hand-set deck form.

Performance Task 2 (Learning Objective 4) • Install edge forms, including instructor-selected blockouts, embedments, and bulkheads.


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