Preparing for Placement – Module 23105

Preparing for Placement – Module 23105


Module ID 23105 – Provides an overview of common concrete construction tasks that take place before placement begins. Covers elevations and subgrade preparation, as well basic form types, joints, and pre-placement inspections.

Points awarded on Course Completion – 15

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This module provides broad information about the activities and materials necessary to prepare a site for concrete placement. Topics such as subgrade preparation, formwork setup, the prevention of cracks and other stress-related concrete failures, and final preparations for placement are discussed herein. This information will help concrete craftworkers see the larger picture relative to the concrete construction process, while many more details related to each topic discussed here are presented in other modules.


Learning Objective 1 Successful completion of this module prepares trainees to: Describe subgrade and grade-level preparations.

  • Describe basic subgrade considerations and preparations.
  • Describe how elevations are established.
  • Identify and describe basic foundations.

Learning Objective 2 Successful completion of this module prepares trainees to: Identify and describe common pre-placement requirements and considerations.

  • Identify and describe basic form types and their preparation.
  • Identify and describe various types of concrete joints.
  • Describe basic approaches to concrete reinforcement.
  • Describe final inspections and the concrete ordering process.

Performance Tasks

  • Operate a vibrating compactor to compact subgrade.


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