Industrial Floors – Module ID 23206

Industrial Floors – Module ID 23206


Module ID 23206 – Presents this key segment of concrete flatwork and the characteristics of industrial floors while explaining how industrial-class floors are created, including preplacement

Points awarded on Course Completion – 27.5

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     Industrial floors are finished to higher standards of levelness and flatness than lower classes of concrete floors. The work must be done with precision and intent. Concrete craftworkers must work together as a well-oiled team to succeed. The finish of these floors is critical because of the equipment and operations that rely on their quality and integrity. This module presents information about industrial floor construction and the techniques used to form, place, finish, and cure them.


Learning Objective 1 – Successful completion of this module prepares trainees to: Describe the characteristics of industrial concrete floors and explain how they are constructed.

  1. Describe ACI-defined floor classes and the classes relevant to industrial floors.
  2. Identify and describe pre-placement tasks and considerations for industrial floors.
  3. Identify and describe industrial-floor reinforcement considerations.
  4. Explain how to place and finish an industrial floor.

Performance Tasks

  1. Using dimensional lumber, lay out, construct, and set an 8″ deep concrete form to grade and elevation, with two placements separated by a construction joint.
  2. Use drawings to correctly locate and place construction joint dowels.
  3. Place a wet screed to grade.
  4. Assist in placing, consolidating, and screeding an industrial floor slab to a given elevation.

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