Foundations and Slabs-On-Grade – Module 27307

Foundations and Slabs-On-Grade – Module 27307


Module ID 27307;
from Carpentry Level Three

Covers basic site layout safety, tools, and methods; layout and construction of deep and shallow foundations; types of foundation forms; layout and formation of slabs-on-grade; and forms used for curbing and paving.

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Learning Objective 1 • Identify the safety requirements when forming foundations and slabs.

  • List safety rules pertaining to the use of hand tools when forming foundations and slabs.
  • List safety rules pertaining to the use of power tools when forming foundations and slabs.
  • Describe cement dermatitis and how it can be remedied.

Learning Objective 2 • Describe how to establish formwork locations and elevations.

  • Describe how to use control points when establishing formwork locations and elevations.
  • Explain how to use leveling instruments.
  • Explain how to measure horizontal distances.
  • Explain how to measure vertical distances.

Learning Objective 3 • Explain how to properly perform job-site layout.

  • Describe how to establish building layout.
  • Explain how to establish building lines with batter boards.
  • Describe excavating and trenching processes.
  • Explain how to lay out forms.
  • Describe how to use templates.

Learning Objective 4 • Identify the various types of foundations and list appropriate uses for each.

  • Identify the various types of deep-foundation elements.
  • Identify the various types of shallow foundation elements.

Learning Objective 5 • Identify various types of foundation forms and their proper removal.

  • Describe how to erect and strip job-built wood forms.
  • Explain how to erect manufactured forms.
  • Describe how to strip forms.

Learning Objective 6 • Describe how slabs-on-grade are formed and finished.

  • List slab-on-grade construction considerations.
  • Describe how to form and finish a commercial slab-on-grade.
  • Discuss the use of screeds when finishing slabs-on-grade.

Learning Objective 7 • Identify methods to create curbs and pavement.

  • a.Discuss the use of curbing forms.
  • b.Identify paving equipment used for commercial slabs-on-grade.

Performance Tasks

Performance Task 1 (Learning Objective 3) • Establish elevations.

Performance Task 2 (Learning Objective 5) • Lay out and construct an instructor-selected foundation using an established grid line.

Performance Task 3 (Learning Objective 6) • Install templates, keyways, and embedments.

Performance Task 4 (Learning Objective 6) • Form and strip pier foundation forms and prepare for resetting at another location.



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