Codes – Module ID 02406-14

Codes – Module ID 02406-14


Module 02406-14 discusses the different codes used by plumbers across the country and explains how those codes are written, adopted, modified, and implemented.

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Learning Objective 1 –  Describe the model and local plumbing codes and their purposes.

  • Describe the ICC model plumbing code.
  • Describe the IAPMO model plumbing code.

Learning Objective 2 –  Explain how plumbing codes are developed and revised.

  • Explain model code standards.
  • Explain how model codes are revised and adopted.
  • Explain typical code changes.

Performance Task

Performance Task 1 (Learning Objective 1) – Use the local applicable plumbing code to find and cite references for the questions in Appendix A


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