Super Flat Floors – Module ID 23207

Super Flat Floors – Module ID 23207


Module ID 23207 – Describes random-traffic and defined-traffic
super flat floors and the flat and level characteristics that set them apart from other slabs. Provides insight into the finishing process and describes how various floor-measurement instruments are used to document the results.

Points awarded on Course Completion – 20

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     According to American Concrete Institute (ACI) Publication 302.1R, Guide to Concrete Floor and Slab Construction, and its floor classification system, a Class 9 floor is also known as a superflat floor. These concrete floors have the most challenging flatwork specifications to meet and reflect the highest possible quality of horizontal concrete structures. They must be finished to specific values of flatness and levelness. As a result, they require extra care in their design, placement, and finishing, with advanced finishing equipment and skills typically required. This module introduces the concepts and tasks associated with placing and finishing superflat floors, as well as the fundamentals of flatness and levelness measurement.


Learning Objective 1 – Successful completion of this module prepares trainees to: Describe superflat floors and explain how they are constructed.

  1. Describe superflat floors and the rigid specifications that define them.
  2. Identify and describe various types of floor measuring devices.
  3. Identify and describe pre-placement tasks and considerations for superflat floors.
  4. Describe the approaches to placement used for superflat floors.
  5. Describe the finishing and curing processes used for superflat floors.

Performance Tasks

  1. Assist in setting a wooden superflat-floor edge form on grade to a specified elevation and check the top of the form for flatness with a highway straightedge, marking areas that are not true.
  2. Use a highway straightedge behind a screed to level a superflat floor.


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