Repair and Restoration – Module 28303-14

Repair and Restoration – Module 28303-14


Module 28303-14 describes the most common problems that appear in masonry structures and the techniques that can be used to repair them, including tuckpointing, brick replacement, crack sealing, waterproofing, and stain removal.

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Learning Objective 1 – Explain how to inspect and identify common masonry problems.

  • Identify common types of masonry deterioration and their causes.
  • Explain how to inspect existing masonry structures.

Learning Objective 2 – Describe common masonry repair techniques.

  • Explain how to tuck-point a masonry structure.
  • Describe how to remove efflorescence.
  • Describe how to repair masonry cracks.

Learning Objective 3 – Describe how to restore brick walls.

  • Identify staining problems.
  • Explain how to remove old paint.
  • Describe how to clean brick.

Learning Objective 4 – Explain how to replace brick and mortar joints. Describ how to repair a foundation wall.

  • Explain how to repair water intrusion.
  • Explain how to repair cracks and localized problems.

Learning Objective 5 – Describe how to repair and rebuild chimneys and fireplaces.

  • Explain how to repair chimneys.
  • Explain how to repair fireplaces.

Performance Tasks

Performance Task 1 – (Learning Objective 2) – Repair mortar joints by tuckpointing.

Performance Task 2 – Learning Objective 3) – Clean a masonry wall with a bucket and brush.

Performance Task 3 – (Learning Objective 3) – Replace a damaged masonry unit in a wall.


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