Concrete Properties and Quality Control – Module ID 78206-04

Concrete Properties and Quality Control – Module ID 78206-04


(Module ID 78206-04) Covers the chemical and physical properties of concrete and the components, such as cement, aggregates, and admixtures, that make up the concrete mixture. Explains the various methods and equipment used to sample, test, and inspect concrete.

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1. Identify various types of cement and describe their uses.

2. Identify types and sizes of concrete aggregates.

3. Identify types of concrete admixtures and describe their uses.

4. Identify special types of concrete and describe their uses.

5. Identify concrete curing methods and materials.

6. Identify and describe concrete testing methods.

7. Demonstrate sampling methods used for the testing of concrete.

8. Perform volume estimates for concrete quantity requirements.

9. Identify types of concrete reinforcement bars and describe their uses.

10. Identify types of reinforcement bar supports and describe their uses.

11. Identify types of welded-wire fabric reinforcement material and describe their uses.

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