Introduction to Oxyfuel Cutting and Arc Welding – Module 27407-14

Introduction to Oxyfuel Cutting and Arc Welding – Module 27407-14


Module 27407-14 introduces the equipment, procedures, and safety practices associated with oxyfuel cutting and arc welding.

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Learning Objective 1 –  State the safety rules for oxyfuel cutting.

  • Identify the proper protective equipment to be used in oxyfuel cutting.
  • Describe ventilation required when oxyfuel cutting.
  • Explain the purpose of a hot-work permit.
  • Identify oxygen hazards that may be present when oxyfuel cutting.
  • Define backfire and flashback; describe how to avoid them, and what to do if they occur.
  • Explain how to safely cut containers.

Learning Objective 2 – Identify the components of an oxyfuel cutting outfit.

  • Identify gases used for oxyfuel cutting.
  • Identify the parts of a regulator.
  • Explain the purpose of hoses and cutting torches.
  • Identify oxyfuel cutting accessories.

Learning Objective 3 – Describe how to set up and use oxyfuel cutting equipment.

  • Explain how to set up oxyfuel cutting equipment.
  • Explain how to use oxyfuel cutting equipment.

Learning Objective 4 – State the safety rules for arc welding.

  • Identify electrical hazards associated with arc welding.
  • Identify the proper protective equipment to be used for arc welding.
  • Describe ventilation required when arc welding.
  • Explain how to safely weld containers.

Learning Objective 5 – Identify the components of an arc-welding out- fit.

  • Identify types of arc welding machines.
  • Describe the proper type of cable used for arc welding machines.
  • Identify arc welding accessories.
  • Identify the types of arc welding electrodes and interpret meanings of the electrode classification codes.
  • Identify factors to consider when selecting electrodes.

Learning Objective 6 – Describe how to set up and use arc welding equipment.

  • Explain how to strike an arc.
  • Describe how to restart and terminate a weld. c. Identify types of weld beads.
  • Explain how to create a fillet weld.
  • Identify various welding symbols.

Learning Objective 7 – Describe other methods of cutting and welding.

  • Describe the plasma and air-carbon arc cutting processes.
  • Describe the gas-metal and gas-tungsten arc welding processes.

Performance Tasks

Performance Task 1 (Learning Objective 2) –  Match cutting torch tips to their applications.

Performance Task 2 (Learning Objectives 3 and 6) –  Use either an oxyfuel cutting outfit or arc welder to do one or more of the following:

  • Set up an oxyfuel cutting torch and cut a piece of mild steel.
  • Set up an electric arc welder and weld two pieces of mild steel.


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