Building Envelope Systems – Module ID 27109

Building Envelope Systems – Module ID 27109


Building Envelope Systems – Module 27109,  introduces the building envelope system and its components. The module describes the various types of windows, skylights, and exterior doors and provides instructions for installing them. It also includes instructions for installing weather stripping and locksets.

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Learning Objective 1 – Describe the purpose and components of a building envelope system.

  • Identify ways to minimize air and moisture infiltration in buildings.

Learning Objective 2 – Describe window types and installation requirements.

  • Identify window types, applications, and installation steps.

Learning Objective 3 – Describe door types, applications, and installation requirements.

  • Identify residential and non-residential doors and explain installation steps.

Performance Tasks

Performance Task 1 (Learning Objective 2) Prepare a rough opening for proper window installation.

Performance Task 2 (Learning Objective 3) Prepare a rough opening for proper door installation.

Course Sessins

Session One introduces the building envelope and its components.

1. Show Session One PowerPoint® presentation slides.

2. Provide an overview of the module.

3. Discuss building envelope terminology.

4.Identify building envelope components.

Session Two introduces trainees to window installation.

1. Show Session Two PowerPoint® presentation slides.

2. Demonstrate the proper installation of a prehung window.

3. Discuss the use of glass block in a building

Session Three introduces trainees to door installation.

1 Show Session Three PowerPoint® presentation slides.

2. Demonstrate the proper installation of prehung doors.

Session Four introduces trainees to proper installation of locksets.

1. Show Session Four PowerPoint® presentation slides.

2. Demonstrate the proper installation of locksets.

Session Five is a review and testing session. Have trainees complete the module Review Questions and Trade Terms Quiz. (Alternatively, these may be assigned as homework at the end of Session Four.) Answer any questions that trainees may have.

1. Have trainees complete the Module Examination. Any outstanding performance testing must be completed during this session.

2. Record the testing results on NCCER Natinal Registry, and submit the report to your Training Program Supervisor.


Book Index

1.0.0   Building Envelope Components

1.1.0   Air Infiltration and Mositure Control

1.1.1   Building Wrap

1.1.2   Coated Wood Structural Panels with Seam Sealers

1.1.3   Ground Moisture Prevention

1.0.0   Section Review

2.0.0 Window types and Installation

2.1.0   Window Types and Installation Steps

2.1.1   Window Components

2.1.2   Types of Windows

2.1.3   Types of Glazing

2.1.4   Safety Glazing

2.1.5   Energy-Efficient Windows

2.1.6   Window Installation

2.1.7   Glass Block

2.1.8   Curtain Walls

2.1.9   Window Fall Protection

2.1.10  Jamb Extensions

2.0.0   Section Review

3.0.0   Exterior Doors

3.1.0   Residential and Non-Residential Doors

3.1.1   Residential Doors

3.1.2   Non-Residential Exzterior Doors

3.1.3   Exterior Door Installation

3.1.4   Weather Stripping

3.1.5   Thresholds

3.1.6   Door Delivery and Storage

3.0.0 Section Review


Module 27109 Review Question


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