Blueprint Reading for Surveyors – Module ID 78104-04

Blueprint Reading for Surveyors – Module ID 78104-04


(Module ID 78104-04) Expands on the Core module, Introduction to Construction Drawings, and provides techniques for reading and using drawings and specifications. Emphasis is placed on drawings and types of information that are relevant to the site layout trade.

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1. Describe the types of drawings usually included in a set of plans and list the information found on each type.

2. Identify the different types of lines used on construction drawings.

3. Identify selected architectural symbols commonly used to represent materials on plans.

4. Identify selected electrical, mechanical, and plumbing symbols commonly used on plans.

5. Identify selected abbreviations commonly used on plans.

6. Read and interpret plans, elevations, schedules, sections, and details contained in basic construction drawings.

7. State the purpose of written specifications.

8. Identify and describe the parts of a specification.

9. Demonstrate or describe how to perform a quantity takeoff for materials.

10. Read and interpret orthographic projection and isometric drawings.

11. Perform a quantity takeoff to determine a concrete quantity.

12. Calculate rebar required for an identified segment of a drawing.

13. Identify the major power flow systems associated with transmitting power through mobile cranes.

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