Means and Methods – Module ID 78207-04

Means and Methods – Module ID 78207-04


(Module ID 78207-04) Provides extensive coverage of soils and their classifications and explains how various soils behave in excavations. Covers the safety procedures and equipment used when working in or near trenches. Provides layout procedures for footings, piers, building corners, columns, walls, embedments, and stairs.

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1. Explain the various types of soils and how they are classified.

2. Interpret a soil survey.

3. Examine and classify soil samples.

4. Describe how various types of soils will behave in excavations.

5. State the safety precautions associated with working in or near trenches.

6. Describe how trenches are reinforced to prevent cave-ins.

7. Explain how footings and piers are laid out and formed.

8. Perform selected layout procedures:

  • Building corners
  • Columns
  • Walls
  • Embedments
  • Stairs

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