Advanced Surveying Math – Module ID 78201-04

Advanced Surveying Math – Module ID 78201-04


(Module ID 78201-04) Covers the advanced math needed for site layout, including area and volume of solids, use of the Pythagorean Theorem to solve for distances and angles, and use of polar and rectangular coordinates. Covers common coordinate and grid systems.

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1. Solve problems relating to areas of geometric planes and solid figures.

2. Solve problems relating to volumes of geometric solid figures.

3. Use the Pythagorean theorem to solve unknown lengths and distances in a right triangle.

4. Use right angle trigonometry to determine unknown values.

5. Convert angular measurements stated in decimal degrees to degrees, minutes, seconds and vice versa.

6. Convert azimuth to bearing and vice versa.

7. Convert polar coordinates to rectangular coordinates and vice versa.

8. Calculate parameters for basic horizontal and vertical curves.

9. Describe the common coordinate and grid systems used by surveyors and topographical mapmakers.

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