SMAW – Electrodes – Module ID 29108

SMAW – Electrodes – Module ID 29108


SMAW Electrodes (Module 29108) introduces the trainees to the selection, classification, and use of electrodes for arc welding. Trainees will become familiar with the various types of electrodes, their uses, identification, han- dling, and proper storage.

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Learning Objective 1 – Summarize SMAW electrodes and their classifica- tion system.

  • Describe the AWS filler metal specification system and electrode characteristics.
  • Describe the four main electrode groups.

Learning Objective 2 – Summarize how to select, handle, and care for elec- trodes.

  • Describe selecting the correct electrode.
  • Describe properly handling and storing electrodes.

Performance Tasks

This is a knowledge-based module; there are no Performance Tasks.

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