Reinforced Masonry – Module 28203-14

Reinforced Masonry – Module 28203-14


Module 28201-14 describes the information trainees will need in order to work with residential plans and con- struction drawings and convert that information into action on the job.

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Learning Objective 1 – Describe the basic parts of a set of residential drawings and list the information found on each type of drawing.

  • Identify keys and legends, as well as selected lines, architectural terms, abbreviations, and symbols on residential drawings.
  • Explain how to use scales and dimensions in residential drawings.
  • Explain how to interpret the various types of residential drawings.

Learning Objective 2 – Explain how to estimate material quantities from residential drawings.

  • Explain how to use the rule-of-thumb method. b.Explain how to use estimating aids.

Performance Tasks

Performance Task 1 (Learning Objective 2) – From a plan, calculate the square footage of one elevation, including openings.

Performance Task 2 (Learning Objective 2) – Estimate the amount of brick and mortar from that same elevation.

Performance Task 3 (Learning Objective 2) – Estimate the size and number of lintel block for that same elevation.


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