Job Supervision, Planning, and Control – Module ID 07302

Job Supervision, Planning, and Control – Module ID 07302


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1. Describe the role of the onsite supervisor.

2. List the personal qualities and traits of an effective leader/supervisor.

3. Demonstrate how to communicate correctly both verbally and in writing.

4. Explain why understanding human relations on the job is important.

5. List the laws enforced by the EEOC for the protection of employees.

6. Describe and/or demonstrate the general procedures for estimating a job.

7. Describe and/or demonstrate how to perform a takeoff, including how to document the takeoff data on selected standard forms.

8. Correctly interpret contractual documents to determine the painting contractor’s responsibilities:

  • Blueprints
  • Schedules (finish, door, etc.)
  • Contract/specifications
  • Scope of work
  • Change orders

9. State the purpose for selected contract documents:

  • Addenda
  • Stop work order
  • Inspection reports
  • Change orders

10. Identifysourcesofdocumentsthatcanbeusedtoprovideguidanceforjudgingandacceptingthequality ofwork.

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