Introduction to Construction Drawings – Module ID 00105

Introduction to Construction Drawings – Module ID 00105


Introduction to Construction Drawings (Module 00105) provides trainees with the information and skills needed to read and understand construction drawings. This module includes a set of two oversize drawings, which is included as Appendix D in the Trainee Guide.

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Learning Objective 1 – Describe components and features used in construction drawings and identify how the drawings are different.

  • Summarize the purpose of the six basic construction drawing components.
  • List and explain the significance of various drawing elements, such as lines of construction, symbols, and grid lines.
  • Explain how dimensions relate to various drawing scales.
  • Demonstrate how to use engineer’s and architect’s scales.
  • Identify the six types of construction drawings.

Performance Task

Performance Task 1 – (Learning Objective 1) Using the residential floor plan and elevations supplied in the Appendix D:

  • Locate the wall common to bedroom #3 and the garage.
  • Determine the overall width of the home.
  • Calculate the distance from the outside northwest corner of the house to the center of the window in bedroom #2.
  • Determine the overhang of the eaves.
  • Using an architect’s scale, determine the width of the garage.


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