Interpreting Civil Drawings – Module ID 22209-13

Interpreting Civil Drawings – Module ID 22209-13


Module Four (22209-13) introduces trainees to the types of drawings used in highway and building site construction projects. Drawing interpretation and a review of common specifications are also presented.

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Learning Objective 1 • Describe the types of drawings usually included in a set of plans and list the information found on each type.

  • Explain the use of title sheets, title blocks, and revision blocks.
  • Describe the types of drawings used in highway construction.
  • Describe the types of drawings used in building site construction.
  • Describe how as-built drawings are prepared.

Learning Objective 2 • Read and interpret drawings.

  • Identify different types of lines and symbols used on drawings.
  • Define common abbreviations used on drawings.
  • Interpret building site and highway drawings to determine excavation requirements.

Learning Objective 3 • Explain specifications and the purpose of specifications. a Identify the types of information contained in specifications. b Explain the common format used in specifications.

Performance Tasks

Performance Task 1 (Learning Objective 1) • Determine the scale of different drawings.

Performance Task 2 (Learning Objectives 1, 2, and 3) • Interpret a set of drawings to determine the proper type and sequence of excavation and grading operations needed to prepare the site.

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