GTAW – Aluminum Pipe – Module ID 29403-16

GTAW – Aluminum Pipe – Module ID 29403-16


Module Four (29403-16) provides insight into welding aluminum pipe using the GTAW process and the modified U-groove joint, which does not require a metal backing or a backing gas. The GTAW process is unique since the welder must add the filler metal using the opposite hand. The process is well suited for welding aluminum, using the freehand or walking-the-cup technique. One thing welders must understand about welding aluminum is that a significant amount of welding current is required, especially when working with thick materials.

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Learning Objective 1 • Explain how to prepare for GTAW aluminum pipe welding and describe specific pipe-welding techniques.

  • Describe common GTAW pipe-welding techniques.
  • Identify common welding safety practices.
  • Explain how to prepare the area and materials for aluminum GTAW practice.
  • Explain how to prepare GTAW equipment for welding.
  • Describe techniques and positions related to aluminum pipe GTAW.
  • Describe how to make modified U-groove GTAW welds on aluminum pipe

Performance Tasks

Performance Task 1 (Learning Objective 1) • Make GTAW modified U-groove welds on aluminum pipe in the following positions: – 2G – 5G – 6G

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