Finishing Concrete – Module ID 23120

Finishing Concrete – Module ID 23120


Module ID 23120 – Identifies and describes how to apply basic concrete finishing techniques. Includes coverage of floating and troweling, edging, jointing, and various surface finishes.

Points awarded on course completion – 20

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Concrete finishing incorporates a variety of tasks that transform newly placed concrete from a rough, open surface to its final smooth state. The finishing process is the concrete craftworker’s opportunity to determine the final appearance of the concrete, as well as its surface density and other characteristics. If the finishing is poorly done, all the best mixing and placing efforts that preceded it, and all the curing efforts that follow it, will not be able to salvage the undesirable result. A concrete finisher plays a key role in how the surface looks, feels, and performs. It is this phase of the work where skills, practice, and experience really pay off.


Learning Objective 1  – Successful completion of this module prepares trainees to: Identify and explain how to apply basic concrete finishing practices.

a.Identify basic concrete finishing practices.

b.Explain how to edge concrete slabs.

c.Explain how to create joints in concrete slabs.

d.Explain how to float and trowel concrete slabs.

e.Identify and describe how to create basic finishes.

Performance Tasks

1.Hand float, edge, groove, and trowel a small concrete slab.

2.Apply a broom finish to a slab.

3.Mark and saw control joints.

4.Apply a sack- or stone-rubbed finish to a surface.


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