Excavation Math – Module ID 22207-13

Excavation Math – Module ID 22207-13


Module Three (22207-12) provides training on the formulas and calculations used to determine the amounts of soil and other material to be removed from or added to a job-site excavation, focusing on volume and weight calculations

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Learning Objective 1 – Explain how to use formulas.

  • Explain the sequence of operations in solving a problem using a formula.
  • Explain how squares and square roots are derived. c Define angles and identify the types of angles.

Learning Objective 2 – Explain how math is used to solve right triangle problems.

  • Explain how to determine the length of a slope.
  •  Explain how a building is laid out using right triangle math.

Learning Objective 3 – Define area and explain why determining the area of a space is required.

  • Determine the area of squares and rectangles.
  • Determine the area of a triangle.
  • Determine the area of a trapezoid.
  • Determine the area of a circle.

Learning Objective 4 – Define volume and explain the purpose of calculating volume.

  • Calculate the volume of a cube.
  • Calculate the volume of a prism.
  • Calculate the volume of a cylinder. d Describe the estimating process used to determine the volume and weight of simple and complex excavations.

Performance Task

Performance Task 1 (Learning Objective 4) • Using information provided by the instructor, calculate the volume and weight of a given excavation project.

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