Electrical Safety – Module ID 75121-13

Electrical Safety – Module ID 75121-13


Module Four (75121-13) describes the basic precautions necessary to avoid electrical shock, arc, and blast hazards. It also describes the lockout/tagout procedure.

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Learning Objective 1 – Identify the risks associated with working around electricity.

  • Describe the effects of electrical shock, arc, and blast.
  • Describe common power cord hazards.
  • Describe the hazards of working near overhead lines.
  • Explain how to minimize the risks associated with work around electricity.

Learning Objective 2 – Describe the lockout/tagout procedure for all energy sources associated with a device or process.

  • Identify the steps in a typical lockout/tagout procedure.
  • Identify situations under which emergency removal of a lockout may be required.

Performance Tasks

Performance Task 1 (Learning Objective 2)

  • Demonstrate how to properly use a lockout/ tagout device.

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