Drywall Finishing – Module 45105-07

Drywall Finishing – Module 45105-07


Module ID 45105-07

Covers the materials, tools, and methods used to finish and patch gypsum drywall, including automatic and manual taping tools.

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  • State the differences between the six levels of finish established by industry standards and distinguish a finish level by observation.
  • Identify the hand tools used in drywall finishing and demonstrate the ability to use these tools.
  • Identify the automatic tools used in drywall finishing.
  • Identify the materials used in drywall finishing and state the purpose and use of each type of material, including:
    • Compounds
    • Joint reinforcing tapes
    • Trim material
    • Textures and coatings
  • Properly finish drywall using hand tools.
  • Recognize various types of problems that occur in drywall finishes; identify the causes and correct methods for solving each type of problem.
  • Patch damaged drywall.



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