Drywall Installation – Module 45104-07

Drywall Installation – Module 45104-07


Module ID 45104-07

Discusses types of gypsum drywall, their uses, and the fastening devices and methods used to install them. Describes installing drywall on walls and ceilings using nails, drywall screws, and adhesives. Also covers fire- and sound-rated walls.

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  • Identify the different types of drywall and their uses.
  • Select the type and thickness of drywall required for specific installations.
  • Select fasteners for drywall installation.
  • Explain the fastener schedules for different types of drywall installations.
  • Perform single-layer and multi-layer drywall installations using different types of fastening systems, including: • Nails • Drywall screws
  • Install gypsum drywall on steel studs.
  • Explain how soundproofing is achieved in drywall installations.
  • Estimate material quantities for a drywall installation.


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