Weld Quality – Module ID 29106-09

Weld Quality – Module ID 29106-09


Module ID 29106-09 This module teaches the importance of quality workmanship and covers how to find, identify, and avoid weld imperfections while adhering to necessary codes and specifications.

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Upon completion of this module, the trainee will be able to do the following:

1. Identify and explain codes governing welding.

2. Identify and explain weld imperfections and their causes.

3. Identify and explain nondestructive examination practices.

4. Identify and explain welder qualification tests.

5. Explain the importance of quality workmanship.

6. Identify common destructive testing methods.

7. Perform a visual inspection of fillet welds.

Performance Tasks

There are no performance tasks for this module.

Module Index

Session I. Introduction; Codes; Weld Discontinuities

A. Introduction

B. Codes Governing Welding

1. American Society of Mechanical Engineers

2. American Welding Society

3. American Petroleum Institute

4. American National Standards Institute

5. Marine Codes

C. Basic Elements of Welding Codes

1. Welding Procedure Qualification

2. Welder Performance Qualification

3. Welder Operator Qualification

D. Weld Discontinuities and Their Causes

1. Porosity

2. Inclusions

3. Cracks

4. Incomplete Joint Penetration

5. Incomplete Fusion

6. Undercut

7. Arc Strikes

8. Spatter

9. Acceptable and Unacceptable Weld Profiles

Session II. Nondestructive Examination (NDE) Practices

A. Visual Inspection

B. Liquid Penetrant Inspection

C. Magnetic Particle Inspection

D. Radiographic Inspection

E. Ultrasonic Inspection

F. Electromagnetic (Eddy Current) Inspection

G. Leak Testing

Session III. Destructive Testing; Welder Performance Qualification Tests

A. Destructive Testing

B. Welder Performance Qualification Tests

1. Welding Positions Qualification

2. AWS Structural Steel Code

3. ASME Code

4. Welder Qualification Tests

Session IV. Quality Workmanship; Review and Testing

A. Quality Workmanship

1. Typical Site Organization

2. Chain of Command

B. Module Review

C. Module Examination

1. Trainees must score 70% or higher to receive recognition from the NCCER.

2. Record the testing results on NCCER National Registry and submit the results to the Training Program Sponsor.

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