Site Preparation – Module 27409-14

Site Preparation – Module 27409-14


Module 27409-14 describes the planning process that precedes the start of work on a construction site, including environmental considerations, personnel issues, access roads, traffic control, permits, site safety, utilities, and crane-related concerns.

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Learning Objective 1 – Describe stormwater protection and erosion and sedimentation control.

  • Describe environmental concerns and the
  • role of federal, state, and local regulations in environmental issues.
  • Identify ways to prevent erosion and sedimentation.
  • Identify methods used to mitigate subsurface water problems at a work site.

Learning Objective 2 – List items that need to be addressed in the site utilization plan.

  • Explain how to set up a construction site.
  • Explain how to handle natural vegetation and spoils.
  • Describe the placement of utilities on a construction site.

Learning Objective 3 – Identify methods to ensure site safety and se- curity.

  • Describe methods used to ensure site safety, including construction signs, barricades, and traffic control.
  • Describe methods used for site security.

Performance Tasks

This is a knowledge-based module; there are no performance tasks.


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