Orientatin to the Trade, Heavy Highway Constructin – Module ID 36101-17

Orientatin to the Trade, Heavy Highway Constructin – Module ID 36101-17


Module One (36101-17) introduces the trainees to careers, equipment, and processes used in the construction of highways and bridges

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Learning Objective 1 • Describe the trade.

  • Describe the types of work performed in the trade.
  • Describe the opportunities available in the trade.

Learning Objective 2 • Describe the basic processes used in heavy construction.

  • Describe the general steps used to plan and prepare for a heavy construction project.
  • Identify the processes in highway construction.
  • Identify the processes in bridge construction.
  • Identify steps taken when a heavy construction project is complete

Learning Objective 3 • Describe NCCER standardized training.

  • Explain how apprenticeship programs are structured.
  • Describe the basic principles of apprenticeship training.
  • Explain the licensing requirements for apprenticeship training.

Performance Tasks

  • This is a knowledge-based module; there are no performance tasks.

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