Mobile Scaffolds – Module ID 31106-15

Mobile Scaffolds – Module ID 31106-15


Module 31106-15 describes the different types of powered and manually propelled mobile scaffolds and describes their erection and operation.

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Learning Objective 1 • Describe the operation and common applications of mobile scaffolds.

  • Outline proper safety guidelines when using mobile scaffolds.
  • Describe the benefits of mobile scaffolds.
  • Identify common mobile scaffold applications.
  • Identify mobile scaffold components.
  • Outline proper mobile scaffold erection.

Learning Objective 2 • Describe the proper operation of scissors lifts.

  • Explain the proper use of controls and indicators on scissors lifts.
  • Describe basic operating procedures and concerns when using scissors lifts.

Learning Objective 3 • Describe the operation and common applications of aerial lifts.

  • Outline proper safety standards when using aerial lifts.
  • Identify common aerial lift applications.

Performance Tasks

Performance Task 1 (Learning Objective 1) • Erect and use mobile scaffolds

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