Color and Tinting – Module ID 07304

Color and Tinting – Module ID 07304


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1. Understand why light is important to color.

2. Recognizeandidentifythethreeprimarycolors,thethreesecondarycolors,andthesixintermediatecolors.

3. Identify and define the three dimensions of color.

4. Demonstrateuseofthecolorwheelbyselectingandapplyingcomplementary,contrasting,andharmonious colors.

5. Demonstrate the ability to describe and use colorants for mixing and matching coating materials.

6. Describe three ways color influences the mood of a person and his or her environment.

7. Understand the difference between interior and exterior color schemes.

8. List the proper sequence and explain the steps involved in creating a custom tint.

9. Identify three ways color is used for safety. 10. Identify the three most common color systems.

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