Build Your Future in Construction – Module ID 00100

Build Your Future in Construction – Module ID 00100


Build Your Future in Construction (Module 00100)

Introduces trainees to the construction industry. The module introduces the history of construction and the outlooks for construction jobs; the benefits of a career in construction; the typical career progression for craft professionals; the different careers available and the skills they require; how to pursue a construction career through career and technical education, craft training and apprenticeships, and community colleges and universities.

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Learning Objective 1 Describe the construction industry.

  • Define construction and summarize the current and future outlook for jobs.
  • Identify some of construction’s more prominent contributions in history.

Learning Objective 2 Explain the benefits of a construction career.

  • Recognize and describe how construction careers make a difference in the community.
  • Describe the financial and professional benefits of pursuing a construction career.

Learning Objective 3 Describe the typical career path for craft professionals.

  • Describe industry sectors and the progression path for construction careers.
  • Identify different construction careers and the types of skills they require.

Learning Objective 4 Identify ways to pursue a career in the construction industry.

  • Explain the benefits of career and technical education programs.
  • Describe the advantages of craft training programs and their relationship with apprenticeships.
  • Summarize the path to a construction career through community colleges and universities.

Performance Tasks

  • This is a knowledge-based module. There are no Performance Tasks

Section Outline

Section One discusses the construction industry in its current and future states and identifies contributions the construction industry has made.

1. Show the Section One Core PowerPoint® Presentations and/or Dynamic Study Modules.

2. Use the Kickoff Activity to familiarize trainees with the topics of this module.

3. Define the construction industry.

4. Discuss the current and future state of the construction industry.

5. Discuss historical contributions of the construction industry.


Section Two discusses the benefits construction has for the community and the benefits a career in construction has to an individual.

1. Show the Section Two Core PowerPoint® Presentations and/or Dynamic Study Modules.

2. Discuss the contributions construction makes in society.

3. Discuss the benefits of a career in construction.


Section Three discusses the different career paths and specializations of construction.

1. Show the Section Three Core PowerPoint® Presentations and/or Dynamic Study Modules.

2. Describe the sectors of the construction industry.

3. Discuss the types of careers available in the construction industry.


Section Four discusses the options available for pursuing a career in construction.

1. Show the Section Four Core PowerPoint® Presentations and/or Dynamic Study Modules.

2. Discuss CTE programs available for high school students.

3. Discuss the training and apprenticeship programs available.

4. Discuss the construction programs available at colleges.


This is a review and testing section.

Have trainees complete the Module Review. Alternatively, if the Module Review was assigned as homework, review the correct answers in class prior to the exam and answer any questions that the trainees may have.

1. Have trainees complete the written examination. Any outstanding performance testing must be completed during this session as well.

2. The results for exams administered through the Testing Management System are recorded automatically in the NCCER Registry System.

Book Index

1.0.0   Overview of the Construction Industry

1.1.0   What is Construction?

1.1.1   State of the Industry

1.1.2   Growing Demand for Skilled Craft Professionsals

1.1.3   Common Construction Industry Myths

1.2.0   History of Construction

1.2.1   Providing Essential Services

1.2.2   Important Constructin Innovations and Inventions

1.0.0   Section Review

2.0.0   Benefits of a Career in Construction

2.1.0   Making a Difference

2.1.1   Providing Essential Services

2.1.2   Working to Help the Environment

2.2.0   Construction Career Benefits and Opportunities

2.2.1   Competitive Salaries

2.2.2   Starting Out Debt-Free

2.2.3   Career Advancement and Mobility

2.0.0   Section Review

3.0.0 Construction Craft Careers

3.1.0   Constructin Industry Sectors

3.2.0   Types of Construction Careers

3.2.1   Carpenter

3.2.2   Electrician

3.2.3   Welder

3.2.4   Pipefitter

3.2.5   Heavy Equipment Operator

3.2.6   Crane Operator

3.2.7   Ironworker

3.2.8 HVAC Technician

3.2.9   Project Manager

2.2.10  More Construction Careers

3.0.0 Section Review

4.0.0 Starting Your Construction Career

4.1.0   Career and Technical Education

4.2.0   Craft Training and Apprenticeships

4.3.0   Community Colleges and Universites

4.3.1   Community College

4.3.2   Four-Year Universityies

4.0.0   Section Review

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